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Bluemoon Chapel at Ocean Blue Hotel Bali

Bluemoon at Ocean Blue Hotel Bali

Embarking on a lifelong journey of love and commitment, it should be a day to remember. A fully customizable wedding package for your big day. Legal weddings, Blessing weddings, Villa weddings or wedding receptions. Tell us your dream vision and we will make it happen.

Bluemoon Chapel Bluemoon 결혼 체험
Bluemoon Blessing Package Beach and Villa Blessing Package
The Bluemoon Chapel is surrounded by beautiful gardens which fill the air with the aroma of the tropics. It is the perfect place to have a celebration of a new beginnings. Separate banquet room also available for wedding reception. A romantic evening at the open air venue of Ocean Blue Beach Club in Nusa Dua or maybe a wedding at the villa. Those are perfect place for your shared moments of precious intimacy. Your day will be enlighten with a romantic Candlelight Dinner. An optional wedding reception for families and friends is available at the villa.
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Blessing Package
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